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Demon Child

Maddie was my "Angel baby." The kind the books wrote about...fed easily, slept well, smiled all the time. She was just plain easy.

Recently, however, she has woken from her naps, screeching, flailing, making gutteral, growling sounds, and stiffening (when held). I thought perhaps she had more teeth coming in, maybe an ear infection. But now I'm pretty sure the only logical conclusion is demon-possession.

See, all of her teeth are in. She does't have any of the other symptoms that accompany an ear infection (lies down for nap easily, no fever, etc.).

Now, I'll admit my only experience with the possessed consisits of watching the Excorcist, but Maddie really does bear a striking resemblance to Regan during these fits.

Maybe if I put some holy water in her sippy...

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