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Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde

It makes my head spin...the way Parker can be the sweetest little boy you've ever met one minute and a little devil the next.

This morning, he was watching a Curious George cartoon in the main living room. Aaron, Maddie and I were in the office. Maddie toddled away, and soon we heard the scream.

"NO Ma-da!" (Parker's quite capable of saying 'Maddie' but uses 'Ma-da' when he's feeling particularly angry and ornery.) He came running into the office. "Daddy! Maddie turned off the TV! Will you come here and push her down?" Aaron stood calmly and began to walk toward the living room.

Parker ran ahead of him and stood next to Maddie, bending his head down so they were nose to nose, he shouted in her face, "Daddy is coming to push you down, Ma-da!"

Then, a short time later, as we were preparing to leave for church, we overheard Parker whispering to himself and rocking something in his arms. "Bye-bye Squeeze [pair of toy pliers]. We're going to church, but we'll be home." He gave Squeeze a hug and set her down on the floor.

What the heck?

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