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First Sleep-over

We were home for the holidays. It was wonderful and awful. Wonderful to spend so much quality time with family. Awful that every last one of us caught a nasty stomach virus. Susie, my mother-in-law said she washed about 14 loads of laundry within about a 12 hour period. Kids just aren't that great at making it to a bucket or to the toilet before spilling their guts.

Anyway, during this trip, Parker went on his very first sleep-over. I was the first one to get sick so I hadn't joined everyone when they went out for dinner. I got a call when they were on their way home. Aaron said we were down one child...that Parker had gone to spend the night with his Aunt Angela and cousins and that Angela was concerned I'd be upset. I asked him why she didn't take Maddie, too.

Angela called shortly thereafter to ensure I was not angry. I assured her that this was a break and a blessing - his first ever sleep-over. She informed me he would be staying the entire evening unless disaster struck, in which case we would meet at Children's Hospital. Angela is a no-nonsense kind of momma. I love her.

The next day, Parker returned, still happily chatting with his cousins. I don't think he ever stopped talking. Angela said he did really well. There was only a brief time period during which he seemed to have changed his mind.

"Aunt Ang, I like you and everything, but I forgot...I think I wanted to spend the night with my mommy and daddy."

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