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Gross Confession

Please try not to judge me. As you can see from the title, this is a confession. I realize this behavior was disgusting...

The problem started long ago but I only realized it was an issue after I got a handheld vacuum for Christmas. I had requested it believe it or not. I loathed the piles of crumbs and food bits on the floor of the van. Goldfish one trip, raisins the next, add some juice, maybe milk, cheerios. By the end of the week, the environment could be considered hazardous to one's health.

So, now thanks to my trusty Shark (vacuum), my car is in terrific shape. I even vacuumed out the car seats. Therein lies the problem...

See, sometimes I run out of snacks. Might not seem like a big deal to folks without small children, but when we run out of snacks on a long car ride [read: over 3 miles], all hell can break loose in mere seconds. It's not that the kids are actually hungry, it is more to keep them from screaming. (We'll worry about obesity in a later post.)

I hadn't realized how much I had relied on a snack I will call "car seat surprise" (where you frantically dig around their little legs - while trying to steer - and pull out whatever snack may have fallen there) until it was gone. This "snack" may be days old. But what's a few extra days to a raisin, I would rationalize. Goldfish don't really go bad, do they? I drew the line at soggy snacks. Even I have standards.

I am sure the grandparents are relieved to read we no longer serve "car seat surprise." Not that I don't want to on occasion. It's just no longer on the menu (or car seat, as the case may be).

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