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Jesus Christ makes chickens!

"Jesus Christ!" Parker exclaimed (and not in a loving way either). My jaw dropped. I asked him where he'd heard people use that phrase. He told me the names of some friends (who shall forever remain nameless, so don't even ask).

He kept saying "Christ! Christ! Christ!" all night. I waited until bedtime to address the issue. As I was tucking him in, I said, "You know, Jesus has another name...Did you know that? Sometimes He's called Christ."

Parker nodded.

"And God told us in His Word, the Bible, He doesn't want us to use His name in a bad or mean way or when we're mad."

Parker looked confused. "But we say, 'Jesus Christ' when we're mad."

"No. We can't say that when we're mad."

Parker suggested, "We could say 'Jesus Goust...'"

"No, that sounds a lot like Jesus Christ. We can say His name when we're praying; we just don't want to use His name when we're mad."

Parker: "We could say, 'Jesus makes chickens!'"

"Ummm..." (What the heck?)

Parker insisted, "No, we can say, 'Jesus makes chickens!' when we're happy. It's a good thing to say."

(Sigh). "Okay, we can say, 'Jesus makes chickens!' when we're happy."

Lesson learned? Probably not tonight.

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