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No Comparison

Yesterday I took Parker and Maddie to the Pacific Science Center...by myself. I think it may have been the first time I have taken them to such a large, public place by myself since Maddie started walking. Whoa!

It happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day. So of course all of the parents who would normally be at work decided it was the best day to go to the science center with all of their children who would normally be in school. INSANE.

I kept it together. I was patient and calm and tried to be fun-loving as I chased Maddie in one direction and Parker in another. We actually had a really good time. After eating lunch, it was time to go. On the way to the car, we passed a snack stand and Parker requested some cotton candy - his favorite. I was feeling pretty generous, and he had been on his best behavior, so he got a big bag. He was singing happily, "What a lucky day for me!" all the way to the van.

On the way home, I decided we had enough time to stop at a park I'd been wanting to check out called Gas Works Park. Parker agreed it would be a "great idea," so we were on our way.
We climbed all over the giant, brightly colored old gas lines, played in the enormous sand box and ran by the lake shore.

When we got back into the van Parker asked, "Mom, can you pretend to be my Daddy?"
Me: Sure. What does Daddy do that Mommy doesn't?
Parker: Well, he tickles me...and takes me places...


When Aaron got home from work he asked Parker, "What did you do today, buddy?"
Parker replied, "Nuffin [nothing]...just missed you."

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