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Parker is someone new every day. Quite often, he changes identity several times a day. It is high treason to address him by the wrong name. If he was Handy Manny in the morning and you didn't hear him announce he had become his cousin, Sharon, in the afternoon, heaven forbid you address him as Manny later in the day!

I finally just started asking, "Who are you now?" before I try to get his attention. He is so much more compliant when he is addressed as the proper character. Whatever.

Today, he was Fireman Sam for most of the day. He called me "Penny" or "Peddy" or something. Fine. He called Maddie, "Pooky," and explained she was the fire-dog. He really seemed to get into the drama. He tried to put Maddie on a leash. Whenever she ate, he pointed and said, "Look! She's eating her doggie treats." When I gave her the fake fire extinguisher, he was perplexed. "Peddy! She's just a dog! She can't use a fire extinguisher!"

Hmmm...Already referring to his sister as "just a dog." And I thought we had a few years before the seriouse name-calling would begin.

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