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Psychic Abilities

I'm pretty sure I have them. Read on.

Yesterday, after running a few errands, I decided to take the kids to a new park. I simply searched on the GPS for the closest "park" to our final errand. I knew the minute we pulled up, this was not going to be a "mommy-friendly" park (no benches, infant swings, toddler equipment, etc.). In fact, there was no playground equipment period. Well, today would be the day to broaden Parker's definition of "park" to include more than just jungle gyms and slides.

We entered the gate and ran through a grassy field. We came upon an awesome tree whose enormous branches began right at the ground - great for climbing! Then, I saw it...the hill. Muddy, steep, treacherous, taking us down, down, down to deep, dark, damp paths below.

That is when my psychic powers kicked in. I could see in my mind's eye, the three of us trudging back up the hill a mere 30-45 minutes later. Parker would be crying he didn't want to leave. Maddie would be in my arms, horizontally (kicking and screaming).

And don't you know it, we went down anyway? Yup! We slipped and slid across mossy bridges, splashed in mud puddles, and ran down paths bordered with tall, spooky reeds.

I think my vision was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, as I knew we only had so much time to play before lunch and nap. Of course they'd be cranky. So, yes, going back up the hill was much as I'd envisioned.

Still, I'm glad we took the road less traveled by [toddlers and mommies], for that has made all the difference.

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