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Sleep Deprivation/Co-Sleeping

I have determined that I would not last more than 24 hours in Hell Week (Navy SEAL training). The sleep deprivation would be my undoing.

See, I need at least 6 hours of sleep at night to function. Otherwise, I am a crazed, angry, tearful witch with frightening mood swings. Just ask the family members who stayed with us during the first few weeks after the kids were born. In essence, I break.

When we went home for Christmas, Parker had a tough time transitioning into an unfamiliar bed and ended up in the bed with us most nights. It was charming for about 10 minutes. Then I would have a small bony foot in my back or a hard little head stealing my pillow. I wanted him out.

I have friends who co-sleep. I came home from our trip with a nagging suspicion that they truly love their children more than I love mine. It was kind of sad. But every morning when I woke up sore and groggy with Parker stealing more than his fair share of the bed, I was downright angry. How do my friends do it?

Days before our journey home I began preparing Parker. "You know, when we get home you will get to sleep in your big boy bed all by yourself again!" Of course, when we got home, he asked, "Can you please sleep with me?" I almost laughed out loud. Was he insane? I answered, "No," in my best firm but friendly mommy voice, closed the door, and danced into my own bedroom, hugging my roomy mattress.

So back to the quesiton, do my co-sleeping friends love their children more than I love mine?...Perhaps. But I prefer to think that I am giving my children the gift of a loving, well-rested mommy in the morning.

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