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Where did I leave my underwear?

Does this question ever come up in your home? If so, is it usually following a wild evening of over-indulgence?

In our house, this question is asked of me on a daily basis. No, Parker hasn't been getting into the "wine juice" (see previous posts). He just loses his underwear. Frequently.

Whenever he has to use the bathroom, he first announces, "I need go potty!" He then strips off his pants and underwear, regardless of his location and/or audience, and runs to the bathroom. I usually follow to see if he needs any help with personal hygiene [read: wiping his behind]. Nowadays, he says, "Mom, can you go outside and give me some privacy?"

After we are all finished, the hunt for the pants (and underwear) begins. Today, we found the pants, but the underwear eluded us. I found it crumpled in a ball a few hours later on a window sill. By the way, those of you who visit our house regularly, don't worry...Clorox wipes are my best friends.

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