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Dad is a psycho!

Are you familiar with Handy Manny? He is a Hispanic cartoon character who owns a repair shop. Together with his talking tools, he successfully repairs any broken item in town, meanwhile teaching several Spanish words in every episode. Parker loves him.

He got a Handy Manny toy for Christmas. It includes a large, plastic Handy Manny, a motorcycle, and some tools. If you press a button, he says certain phrases.

One day, Parker came to us with his new Handy Manny riding atop the motorcycle with a perplexed expression. "Why does Handy Manny say, 'Dad is a psycho?'"

We, too, were confused. We pressed the button, cycling through the phrases until we happened upon, "That is a sidecar." With Manny's accent (and a healthy imagination), he could be mistaken for saying, "Dad is a psycho."

I looked at Aaron, raised my eyebrows, and told him that Manny knew him well.

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  1. Jessie! I have just been reading back on some of your blogs...they are great. Cracked me up and made me appreciate your honesty in parenting...what a amazingly/ hard job.