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Parker is pretty excited about Easter. He is pretty much excited about any holiday during which he is guaranteed to receive candy. When you think about it, that accounts for a lot of holidays in our country...Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter. The 4th of July means apple pie. No wonder we're obese, but I digress..

The grocery store near our house has begun putting out Easter baskets and items. Parker really wanted some plastic eggs. They were cheap, and we'll use them later, so we got some for him. Imagine his surprise and dismay when he opened them and they were empty. Poor guy.

He didn't stay down for long. He launched into a little monologue. "Pretty soon it is going to be Easter. And the Easter bunny is going to come and say, 'Hmmm...I should leave some candy for this little boy.' And I will love that candy. And I will say (slurp)!"

Aaron told him that the Easter bunny will bring a chocolate bunny for him, too. Parker was incredulous. "They have chocolate Easter bunnies?! Are you kidding me?"

Cavities, here we come!

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