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Let's do some Crapping!

With four children under the age of 3, my friend, Serina, and I attempted to make Valentines today. Let's just say this task really should be left to preschool professionals.

When they arrived I asked two and a half year old Spencer, "Would you like to do some crafting today?"

He nodded and shouted, "Pahkuh [Parker], let's do some crapping!"

An unbiased observer of the finished products might argue that we made just that. However, I think our tiny artists created some compelling, contemporary impressionistic...Oh who am I kidding? It looked pretty awful, but the kids sure had fun.

Maddie sucked two markers dry before we knew it. I checked the box. Non-toxic. Thank goodness! I was starting to get nervous about my numerous calls to Poison Control (pretty sure they are going to call Child Protective Services soon).

Parker and Spencer had fun, too - each in their own special way. I informed them it was okay to get messy today. Spencer wore his smock, carefully put paint on his brush, and then only painted the craft. Parker painted his smock, the table, his lips, chin, cheeks, his craft and then dipped both hands in the paint. "It's okay, Spence! Sometimes I like to paint my face. Do you want to paint your face?" Spencer answereed, "No," and they went on about their business.

Serina and I marveled at how Parker and Spencer are the best of friends and are so very different. Spencer is gentle; Parker is rough. Spencer is content to play out make-believe scenarios by himself; Parker requires an audience and oftentimes, audience participation. Spencer is interested in maintaining personal cleanliness; Parker is interested in making the largest mess possible and enjoys involving his clothes/body in the process. The list goes on and on.

I have to agree with the author, Henry Adams, "Friends are born, not made." Our two very different little boys were simply born friends.

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