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Mom Spa

My friend, Serina, recently went to the dentist. She compared it to visiting the spa...and she is so right.

At first glance, you may be hard-pressed to make an association between a standard teeth-cleaning and a luxurious spa experience, but consider this...

You are away from your children, spouse, phone, computer, minivan, and home for at least 45 minutes.
The only way someone is going to contact you is if your child or spouse is on the way to the hospital.

Everyone is speaking in a low tone. You are addressed by your first name. Instrumental music is piped in, mingling with the quiet hum of a drill and the tinkling of laughter from the reception area.
No one is crying, "Mommy," screaming at a sibling, calling from the bathroom so you can wipe a bottom, or asking what's for dinner.

"Would you prefer strawberry or mint [flavor]?" the hygienist asks. She listens to your response and honors your request.
Compare to: "Can I wipe my boogers on you?"
"No! Get a tissue."
You later receive a nuzzling hug and realize when your child pulls back with a devilish grin, your clothes are glistening with...yup.

"Would you like a magazine?" You leisurely thumb through a fashion magazine or celebrity newspaper.
You are not reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the 20th time that day, or about preschool reviews, or holding a squirming toddler (trying to keep her from typing) while hurriedly scanning an email about a playgroup you might be able to squeeze in between naps and dinner.

"Would you like a glass of water?" You sip it.
You are holding something other than a sippy cup, and you really have the time to sip your water...slowly. You will not have to wash this cup later. Ahhh.

I think Serina was spot-on, and I can't wait for my next trip to the dentist!

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