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Savior of the Worms

It has been a pretty wet day. When the rain stopped, I went outside with the kids. We saw lots of worms squirming on the road. I explained to Parker that they live in the dirt and when it rains, they have to come up because their homes are filled with water. Together we bent down and watched them crawl around.

Then I saw some struggling in the standing water in the gutter. I told Parker they couldn't breathe in the water and encouraged him to pick them up and put them on the pavement.

Parker leapt into action. "Don't worry, little guy...I will save you!" he said tenderly in the high-pitched voice he usually reserves for talking to babies. Considering the way he squeezed the poor creature when he picked it up and how far he flung it into the air, it may have been better off in the water, but he was trying.

He called out to his friends, "Come on guys! We have to save the worms!" It was one of the cutest scenes I've ever witnessed, as these little kiddos walked along the gutter, carefully searching for worms to rescue. Made me proud.

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