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The stink eye

Maddie's stink eye...It's lethal. I mean, seriously, if looks could kill, and Maddie gives you the stink eye, you'd be dead.

My friend, Jennifer Hatloe, first identified the deadly stink eye when Maddie was only months old. We were in a Bible study, and Jennifer had offered to take Maddie off my hands for awhile. This wasn't the first time she had held Maddie for me when she was fussy. When Jennifer reached out, Maddie recognized the gesture, and there it was - the unmistakable sneering, pouty-lip, glare.

Jennifer was taken aback. "She's giving me the 'stink eye!'" she exclaimed.

Since that time, Maddie has practically mastered the art of the glare. Her lips pucker out so far that the top lip makes full contact with the bottom of her nose. It's pretty impressive. She does not discriminate when using the stink eye (Aaron and I have both been recipients), although it is pretty much a guarantee that any stranger who dares speak to her will receive this special expression of hatred. I hope to post a picture of it soon!

It amazes me how God made my two children so vastly different. Parker has never met a stranger, and Maddie has never liked one.

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