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Stinky Bear

Maddie's Stinky Bear is like Linus' blanket. We don't leave home without him. Initially he got his name because they were so inseparable, I found it difficult to wash him. She sucked on him, refused to eat without holding him (inevitably smearing food on him), slept on top of him him...

During her dedication at church, I passed her to the pastor, Stinky Bear and all. I was mortified as she waved the bear in the pastor's face and silently prayed he was breathing through his mouth.

Recently, Maddie has become a real fan of "swirlies." You know, when you dip someone head first in the toilet and flush. Come to think of it, she's more just a fan of dipping things in the toilet, and poor Stinky Bear is no exception. As if that weren't disgusting enough, Parker often forgets to flush.

Thanks to that combination of events, I now have no reservations about frequently washing Stinky Bear. I simply rip him from her iron grip, toss him in the washer, and endure the hour and a half long scream-fest that ensues.

And you know, Stinky Bear is actually a lot less stinky these days.

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