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Yummy Jesus!

We have an amazing babysitter. Her name is Alex, and she is 13, and Parker and Maddie adore her. She is smart, funny, hard-working, and beautiful. Seriously, what more could we ask for? Oh yeah, and did I mention she lives right next door. Literally. She walks home from our house after a date night. It is the best!

So anyway, she is off of school this week and offered to come and hang out with us. Didn't I tell you she was great? Today we were on our way to the Pacific Science Center (children's museum) and bopping along to one of Parker's favorite Christian children's Cd's.

Parker and I were singing along: "A little talk with Jesus makes it right! Alright!"

Suddenly Alex's jaw dropped. She turned to me with a horrified, incredulous expression. "Jessie!"

I asked her what was wrong.

"Why would you want to eat Jesus?" she asked, stunned.

I must have had a blank look on my face.

She continued, "'A little chocolate Jesus makes it right!'"

The funny thing is, she actually thought that's what we were singing.

I started to think...chocolate Jesus...not a bad idea. Could be the next big thing at Easter. Look out, hollow bunnies! How could they really compete with the guy who started the whole Easter thing, right? Sadly, as it turns out, people are already making a chocolate Jesus. In fact, they are making chocolate crucifix lollipops. Creepy.

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