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The end of an era?

I read something really frightening the other day. The doctor gave us a handout on typical 3 year old behavior at Parker's last visit. It stated, "Naps often end."

WHAT???? Were they kidding me? Were they really suggesting that only constant in my life keeping me from slipping over the edge into insanity would suddenly just vanish?

I entered into the first stage of grief: denial. Not my son. Surely he expends enough energy every morning that the 2-3 hour afternoon naps will continue until college. Yes, they were talking about a "typical" 3 year old - not Parker.

However, I'm afraid there have been signs indicating the beginning of the end. Just this week he began to get out of bed himself. No more crying from his room for mommy and daddy. He just climbed right out and came looking for us. It was so vastly different from what we had experienced for the last 2 1/2 years, it took me by surprise. At first, I was elated. Then I realized he can (and will) get out of bed whenever he wants. Oh dear.

Case in point: Grammy is in town to help us move. The day after she arrived, exhausted from jet lag and the stimulating company provided by the children [read: indoor zoo at our house], she attempted to take a nap. Did I mention the spare bedroom is on the first floor...next to the playroom? She came out again pretty quickly. Parker looked confused. "Grammy, why are you up? Mommy told us you were taking a nap, and we had to be quiet." (No doubt the attempted nap failed precisely because of his inability to do so.) Grammy was very gracious. "Oh, I wasn't napping. I was just laying down a little while."

Later, I put Parker down for his nap. I was surprised to see him downstairs again just a few minutes later. "Oh, I was just laying down for a couple of whiles...like Grammy." Fantastic. Needless to say, I put him back down for a couple more "whiles."

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  1. Jessie - Ethan is 3 1/2 and has not given up naps. It's not his choice as I'm sure he'd stay up but we don't let him because he's is completely unruly without one. He doesn't argue too much though and still takes a minimum 2 hour nap in the afternoon with his brother and then goes to bed by 8:30 so don't worry - naptime won't go away until you let it. So don't let it :)