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My Little Extrovert

I marvel at Parker. Really. He is an amazing little boy. He is like his own one-man show. He talks and climbs and jumps and sings. Watching him grow is one of my favorite things to do.

Today Alex came over (remember, our awesome babysitter?). She brought her friend, Antonia. I have to be honest, I love it when she brings friends over. I know she is bringing them to come see my kids (how cute and entertaining they are). Parker came down the stairs from his nap, chatting away. He noticed Antonia on the couch and waltzed right up to her. He began chatting with her about his balancing abilities. He sang her a song. He asked her if her daddy brought her home treats, too and if she liked them and what kind she got and would she like some of his?...

She was grinning and laughing. Amused and basking in his attention. He just makes people feel good. He is so friendly.

We were at the store the other day. He likes to call the clerks by name. "Mommy, is that Kellen?"
I glanced at the name tag. "No, he's not Kellen, but they do look similar."
Parker walked over to him. "Hi, what's your name?"
"Oh hi, Mike. My name's Parker. It's nice to meet you, Mike. What a nice computer you have!"

Ever meet a really nice, extroverted person who likes to ask you questions about yourself? They listen and are genuinely interested in your response. They just suck you in...And it's wonderful! You feel so special in their presence. You want them to like you back, to find you just as charming and delightful as you find them. You secretly hope you will one day rank among their treasured friends but suspect that they already have all the friends they'll ever need.

I feel that way about Parker. He is charming! I am blessed because I have been given a God-given special rank in his relationships: Mommy.

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