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Parker's never minded shots. He's always done really well. Usually doesn't even cry.

However, in the fall, we all went to a clinic and got the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine. I thought he was going to get the nasal spray, but they opted to give him a shot. It was quick and painful. He remembered it well.

When we went to the doctor for his well-child exam today, he asked if he was going to get shots. I told him yes, and he flipped out.

I've never seen anything like it. You would think he was about to receive a lethal injection. When he viewed the actual needles, he started screaming like a wild man. He was crying and writhing. It took all my strength to pin him down. He looked at me with those huge, blue eyes...fear, confusion, pain. Why was mommy letting them hurt him? It was awful.

When we left, he was sobbing. "We shouldn't have come here! I nevuh, evuh, evuh want come back here!"

Relieved that we're moving to KY, I replied with confidence, "We never will!" Whew!

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