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Wildlife Experiment

Parker has numerous grandparents (4 grandpas and 2 grandmas). Who said divorce doesn't have an upside?

Anyhow, one set of grandparents (Grammy and PawPaw) live in the country. It's not too far outside of Louisville, but it is out there. Windy roads, farms, horses, you name it.

Driving to their house one day, Parker said, "Look mommy! A dee-uh cwossing (deer crossing) sign! That means there are deer out here!...Do deers read signs like people do?"

Me: "Um, no, I don't think so. You have to know the alphabet - the ABC's - in order to read."

Parker: "Oh, I can teach them. I will go home and get on my boots and go outside and they will say, 'Oh, hi Parker. Are you here to pet us or teach us how to read?' And I will say, 'I am here to teach you A -B-C-Deer!' And then they will be able to read."

Good luck with that, bud.

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  1. Cute. Glad you all are bk home. I know your Mama's probably happy!