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Big Boy Alcohol

My husband and I don't drink much alcohol. We'll have an occasional glass of wine or mixed drink, but that's about it.

Parker, ever curious, has shown some interest in this magical drink of which he cannot partake (see previous post: Underage Drinking).

With many things, he likes to push the envelope once we've told him "no" (using the permanent marker on the table, spitting on the floor, taking his pants off in public). However, he has been compliant with the ban on alcohol. At least, I thought he had...

We were in the van one afternoon. Maddie finished her juice. Noticing her brother was still happily sipping away, she began to whine and stretched her chubby arms toward his seat.

Parker turned toward her and stated matter-of-factly, "Sorry Maddie. You can't have any of my drink. It has big boy alcohol in it."

Oh well...It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

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