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Fun dad, funny kid

I receive email updates from a website called BabyCenter (a site that records your child's age then tracks his/her development). I chuckled at the most recent update: "How to Raise a Fun and Funny Child."

We don't need any help in that department. Parker is pretty darn hilarious in his own right. Though his comedic appeal was previously unintentional [read: we were laughing at him], these days, he is actually telling jokes [we are laughing with him]. I think he gets his great sense of humor from his daddy.

Daddy is just plain fun. He laughs easily, teases often, always has a joke, and plays chase on demand. Daddy also loves to lavish gifts (often in the form of sweets) on the kids. They adore him.

He's been out of town for a few days, so I've been trying to fill in and be amusing, fun-loving, and carefree with the kids. Sometimes, however, my practical side rears it's ugly head and is met with fierce resisitance from the kids. Tonight, for example, as we were heading home from Grammy and PawPaw's house:

Parker: Mommy, can we stop at a gas station and get me a treat?
Me: Well, no - we don't need any gas right now.
Parker: No! Not to get gas...just to get me a treat! [something daddy has done and would do again]
Me: Honey, it's very late, we just ate dinner, and we need to get home to go to bed.
Parker: But I'm still hungry for a treat!
Me: How about this...Tomorrow we have to go the grocery store to get food for Pappy's dinner [attack of the Pracital Mom]. How about we get you a special treat while we're there?
Parker: No! No [none] of your ideas are any good! Just daddy's!

*Sigh* I suppose it depends on your definition of good. Seemed like a perfectly good idea to me.
Daddy, come home!

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