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Mail Call - Part II

Parker and Spencer go way back. They have been friends since they met (when Spencer was 2 month old and Parker was 6 months old). When we lived in Seattle, they were together several times a week (in the church nursery and for play dates). Serina, his mother, and I had a lot in common, and the boys played really well together. Then I had Maddie and Serina had Brooke. It was perfect...until we moved. It was heartbreaking trying to repeatedly explain to Parker why we couldn't "just go over to Spencer's."

Spencer continues to be a great friend. He sends postcards and letters. We've had some web visits, but thanks to Parker's short attention span, they haven't gone so well.

We always look forward to Spencer's [dictated] correspondence. It is some of the funniest stuff I've ever read. What's even funnier is that Parker seems to understand the seemingly incoherent ramblings. He even laughs at the jokes. (Apparently I don't understand 3 year old humor.)

I asked Serina (Spencer's mom) if I could post his most recent card. She was game, so now everyone can enjoy this peek into the mind of Parker's three year old buddy...

Parker -

Your postcard looks like a bad guy ready to fight (horse racer). To infinity and beyond! I love you. I love my dogs. I say to infinity and beyond and I jump on my pillows. Dear Parker, I love you and I zen you. How I love you and zen 'em. I love my sister and I love your sister. Parker I want you to come to my birthday party. I want you to come to our house. Buzz Lightyear, fire truck, dog. You don't have a dog - what do you have? I love my fire house, firemen & fire truck. I love my toys. I love Parker and I love your friends. Mrs. Post is my teacher's name. I love Brookie. I love Boo-Boo [his stuffed bear] and all my friends. I promised to come over. I played at Grandma's house yesterday. The bank is closed. Do you have a sandbox? I love your pictures. We go to Lake Chelan every day. We went to the ocean, too. I ate shrimp for lunch. I land on the big soft cushions. I love 'em. You're the best friend. I hope 'em. I love Boo-Boo, and I love you. I hope you build a fort. I love my arms.
We're done.


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