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The Next Million Dollar Idea

Nap-time Nannies.

I am not talking about someone who watches your child while he/she sleeps so you can get things done. I am talking about someone who watches them for an hour a day while you nap. I'm picturing a small room, well-stocked with toys, a toilet, sink and snacks. Someone with a pulse and the ability to dial 911 in that room with your children. A nanny-cam that is linked to the web where a spouse or other trusted family member may view the goings-on. And finally, a soundproof quiet oasis next door where you sleep peacefully. $8/hr for the first child, $2 for each additional child.

Seriously. Doesn't this sound fabulous? Ask any exhausted mother of little children and I think she would agree.

Parker is starting to lose his naps. I didn't realize how difficult [on me] this would be. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of playing quietly, and in our house of all hardwood floors where his room is directly across the hall from his sister's, this just won't do. Maddie is not the only one suffering, of course. I, too, need an afternoon siesta of at least 20 minutes if I am going to make it until bedtime. I don't know, maybe Benadryl would be cheaper than implementing my Nap-time Nannies plan.

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