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Parker and I had our first date! It was so much fun! I stole the idea from a girlfriend from high school. I read her facebook post about how her son took her to the movies and to dinner. It inspired me.

Aaron is out of town, so Maddie stayed with Grammy and PawPaw. When we arrived at the theater, I asked Parker if he was excited. "Yeah, but a little sad, too." When I asked why, he replied, "I just miss Maddie. She's my favorite." What was I, chopped liver? I could see we would need to work on his dating skills.

We went up to the concession stand and ordered our treats. Parker pulled a twenty from his pocket (which Grammy had given him) and paid for both of us. Okay, so the date was improving.

We skipped all the way to the last theater on the left - a special sing-a-long version of Beauty and the Beast. The words were displayed as the songs were sung. (Too bad Parker can't read yet.) The theater was filled with little girls decked out in princess gowns and tiaras. I noticed the parents were all singing louder than the children (myself included, of course).

Parker wanted to sit close to the screen. However, when the scary parts came on, he decided we might need to move farther back. He also ended up in my lap a few times. I'm not complaining; it was precious!

Tonight, as I was tucking him into bed, I said, "Did you have fun on our date today?"
He rolled onto his tummy and cupped his chin in his hands. "Hmmm," he sighed thoughtfully.
"Lemme see how I can explain this to you..." pause. "I had a pretty awesome time but not too awesome."
Trying not to giggle, I asked him to explain. "Well, I wish Daddy was there."

Why am I not surprised? "Well, I'm glad you had a 'pretty awesome' time. I did, too. Love you."

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