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Yes, you read the title correctly: Ghostbusters. I bet you thought you were finished with that fad in the 80's. I know I did. Then one fateful day, we happened upon a 99 cent toy car at Kroger that Parker simply couldn't live without. It was the ghostbuster station wagon. Parker asked me all about it.

Given that we don't believe in ghosts in our house, it was a little difficult to explain. I decided to show him the Youtube video of the popular theme song. Both kids loved it. They twirled around the room and begged to watch it over and over and over.

A few days later, I came home after running some errands to find Parker in the living room watching the Ghostbusters movie. What?! That boy had never seen anything above a G rating! I was livid. When I confronted Aaron, he seemed genuinely shocked. "But he told me you let him watch it!" The music video, I explained.

Parker assured us he understood the ghosts were fake and that he wasn't afraid. We allowed him to watch a few clips...until recently when we discovered they said a curse word in one scene. Immediately worst-case scenarios began to pop into my head: Parker knocking down little Jimmie's blocks at preschool. The teacher asking, "Why would you do such a thing." Parker calmly responding, "S#!* happens." Great.

Anyway, the kids still love watching the Ghostbuster music video. They request it often. If we ask Maddie, "Who you gonna call?" she enthusiastically replies: Go-buth-uhs!

I'm adding a link so you can take a trip down memory with the Go-buth-uhs yourself! Enjoy!

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