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My Baby

My baby is two. Deja vu!

I seem to recall this bittersweet feeling when my son had his last birthday. I watch my children grow every day, but somehow I don't see it happen.

When did Maddie's toothless grin fill up with tiny pearly whites?
When did tufts of soft hair grow into long curls?
Crawling predictably gave way to walking, but walking is now often replaced with enthusiastic galloping and skipping.
A tiny potty seat has replaced diapers.
I imagine the crib will soon be replaced with a big girl bed.

It all happens so fast. Parents of adult children often warn me that the next thing I know she'll be graduating from high school. They smile when they say it, but I have a feeling they aren't joking...and it scares me to death.

I try to soak it all in...tiny arms wrapped around my neck for a squeeze hug, sloppy, slobbery kisses, lisps, five tiny fingers wrapped around one of mine, tears that simply need a kiss from mommy to disappear, nuzzling a warm neck with my nose to elicit belly laughs.

I enter her room singing "You are my sunshine" because she is just that - a daily ray of sunshine. Now don't get me wrong. Just like any other child, she has her moments, and I get glimpses of a tiny little diva, but for the most part, she is still my darling baby girl. Happy birthday, Maddie!

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  1. it makes me cry when I think about it. It's so bitter sweet. I hate it!