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It's been very cold and dry here in Kentucky this winter. I have had to wear lots of lip balm to keep my lips from cracking.

Buying and using lip balm used to be such a joy to me. I loved finding interesting containers and flavors. I bought all kinds of yummy-smelling concoctions for my lips - vanilla, brown sugar, peppermint candy. Alas, these days I use whatever I can find (in my coat pocket, bottom of my purse, medicine cabinet). I wouldn't dare buy an expensive or food-flavored balm...

My kids are such little scavengers! They can sniff out a 10-day old piece of half-eaten candy in the van, on the floor, under books and toys with ease. Like sharks to blood.

If I don a new (or even old) lip balm, and my face comes within 5 feet of my children's tiny noses, they immediately perk up. Closing their eyes, they tilt their noses to the source and begin sniffing. It is not a graceful or delicate sound they make. No, their sniffing resembles a basset hound hot on the trail, snorting along the ground.

Maddie will grab my face and pull it close to hers. When she determines the source is my mouth, she tries to pry it open. I have tried to explain to both Parker and Maddie that the smell is coming only from my lips and not something I have/am eating. Neither believe me. They aren't satisfied until they have searched the recesses of my mouth (yes, sometimes with their fingers).

When they are satisfied that I'm not lying, they immediately request the lip balm. Once I have surrendered it, I never go back. They just can't understand it is meant to only go on your lips, not your tongue and fingers.

As my grandma always said, "This, too, shall pass." One day I will savor my cherry explosion balm in the light of day, without the fear of some snorting little scavengers.

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