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Three Ring Circus

There are different kinds of pregnancy tests. The procedure is the same (and I won't go into all that), but the results may be displayed differently depending on the brand. For example, with First Response, 2 lines mean you are pregnant. One is the "control" line to show you the test is working, and if another line is present...voilĂ ! You're pregnant.
However, with the EPT brand, there is a "control" line, but you must have a "+" in the next window to indicate you are with child.

About six months ago, I had an odd thing happen. I was tired. Not just tired, but TIRED. Picture this, one moment I was playing with the kids in Maddie's room, the next I awoke with stuffed animals piled atop my head, and the kids were nowhere in sight. I thought to myself, I haven't been this tired since I was... Oh. No.

After locating the kids, I rushed downstairs and ransacked my nightstand drawers. Hadn't I saved a pregnancy test from the last time? I didn't have the box, but there was a single test encased in its foil wrapper in the drawer.
Minutes later...2 lines. I showed Aaron. Then I cried. I cried and I cried. Maddie wasn't even 2. Parker was barely 3. I couldn't do this again. Not yet!

We shared the news with our family. They offered their condolences.

A few days later, another funny thing happened. My body did just what it does every month. How was this possible? I rushed to the store. Snatching another test off the shelf, I sped home and took it again. Still 2 lines. How could this be?

Then I actually looked at the box. Ah...EPT. The second line didn't mean pregnancy. It actually meant I was not pregnant. Had a "+" been there, it would have been a different story.

Did I feel like a complete idiot! A zillion phone calls [to giggling family members] later, I was genuinely disappointed. I even cried. Now I know why they make those jokes about women who don't know what they want.

Aaron admitted he was a bit relieved. Life went on. Then one day, Aaron told me he thought it was about time to try to add to our little family again. Say what?! Wasn't this the man who was relieved? He never ceases to amaze me.

To make a long story a bit longer, we are expecting in July 2011. Time to make the Rausch Family Circus a true three-ring circus. We are absolutely thrilled!

(Oh, by the way, I figured out what made me so tired back in July...a new allergy medication. Stopped it right away. The whereabouts of my children trump a snuffly nose.)

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  1. Jessie - This is awesome. Congratulations. I'm expecting #3 in June myself. I think it's awesome and despite what you sometimes say about your mothering abilities, I think you're a fantastic mom and will continue to be so with this one as well. Congratulations!!!