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Baby bits

The kids are very excited about having a new baby at our house. Parker asks lots of questions - some of which I hesitate to answer. For example, this morning he asked how the baby would get out. I told him I had a special opening. (I was really glad he didn't ask to see it!)

A few weeks ago, when I slipped on the ice while making my way around the van, Parker exclaimed, "Be careful, momma! If you fall and get hurt, it might unplug the extension cord! Then the baby couldn't eat!"

I think Maddie is a little confused. I used to always say, "I love you baby girl," and give her kisses. Now I try to remember to refer to her as my "big girl." We talk about how I love Parker and Maddie and the baby in my belly. The idea of Maddie being the baby I love and the baby being the baby I love seem to be all mixed up in her mind. Whenever I kiss Maddie and tell her I love her, she says, "Doctors check belly!"

Both kids pat my belly, and Parker even kissed it the other day.

I am so happy about their excitement I could cry. When I was pregnant with Maddie, I was full of fear [for good reason]. When she arrived, Parker was only 18 months old, still a baby himself. Let's just say, it was not pretty. The first few months of her life were so difficult (for everyone), that I have completely blocked them out of my memory.

This time around, the kids are so excited they have even chosen possible names for our addition. The names include: Sebastian (their cousin), Diego, Dora, and Alejo.

Feel free to vote for your favorite.

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  1. First of all, I love the extension cord comment!! second, if I ever had a 3rd baby (which I am closely examining you if I should...) she would be named Alejandra, but of course my family is Spanish so it would be excepted by most. I actually do like the name Alejo to be honest.... I might even consider that myself:)