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Candy Wars

Due to sickness and snow, the kids and I haven't attended a MOPS meeting in months. We were all very excited to return today. When we left, Parker was given a bag of Christmas goodies (including a few pieces of candy).

The debate began the moment the bag was opened.

Parker: Mommy, can I eat a piece of candy right now?

Me: No, but you may have some after lunch.

Parker: Do I get to eat all of it after lunch?

Me: No, that would give you a tummy ache. You can have a few pieces.

Parker: No it wouldn't! I'm gonna eat it all after lunch!

Me: You may have two pieces.

Parker: Three!

Me [warning tone]: Parker -

Parker [doing his best mommy impression]: Let's just argue about it when we get there, k?

I turned my head so he couldn't see me giggling. That kid knows how to argue.

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