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Nana's Party

My husband's mother, Susie, married a wonderful man named Bill about 8 years ago. We love his family dearly. His mother (whom all the children call "Nana") recently turned 100. We drove up to Indianapolis to celebrate her birthday with the family at the assisted living facility where she lives.

Parker was in hog heaven. Cookies, cousins, balloons, oh my! Aaron attempted to reign him in a few times, whispering in his ear. Apparently Aaron told him he and his [older] cousins could run around the first floor of the facility as long as they were all together and they didn't go outside. We watched him race around and around as we chatted with rarely seen extended family members.

As Parker darted past, Aaron caught his arm and asked, "Now what is the rule, buddy?"

The group of adults with whom we were speaking smiled down at him.

"The rule is: If someone tries to touch my penis, I yell, 'NO! STRANGER DANGER!'"

Oh. The other rule.
Happy birthday, Nana.

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