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No win

Ever feel like you just can't win?

Today as I was tucking Parker in for his nap, he said, "Mama, why can't you just read me a story or tell me one?"

Me: Because I just spent "special time" with you. (Special time occurs during the first half hour after Maddie has been put down for her nap. Parker chooses the activity, makes up the rules, and has my undivided attention.)

Parker: Well...that didn't make me happy.

Me: That's too bad (struggling to keep all traces of sarcasm from my voice).

Parker: You didn't make me happy. (This boy has a future as a critic.)

Me: Hmmm...That is too bad because I try really hard.

Parker: You never make me happy.

Me: Love you. Good night.


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  1. oh Jessie, this post really makes me want to cry... I'm so sorry Parker was being such a stinker today, but really, you DO make him happy, you are his LIFE, and in his own toddler mind, he does love you. You need to make sure you show him this post on your death bed someday to really rub it in:)