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Be My Valentine

It has been a crazy month. Aaron was out of town for five days, I took the kids to Indianapolis to visit friends and the awesome children's museum, and some out of town guests stayed at our house as they were passing through on their way from St. Louis to Virginia.

I didn't even look at my planner or calendar until the 8th. When I did, I nearly had a heart attack. Parker's school Valentine's Day party was in 2 days! I was the "room mom" who is supposed to help organize all of the other parents who had signed up to volunteer. I quickly shot out a million emails and prayed it would magically work out.

Prayers answered: another mom had already taken over, and everything was ready to go. Whew.

Then last night, I sat up in bed, my heart thudding in my ears. Valentine's Day cards! Hadn't Parker mentioned making his own personal mailbox at school? What kind of [room] mom was I? No Valentine cards to pass out?? That simply wouldn't do!

I tossed and turned until Maddie woke up puking at 5:30AM. What a lovely way to start the day. The kids and I were dressed and in the van by 7:50 and trudging into Walmart at the ungodly hour of 8AM to find Spiderman Valentines. I hurriedly wrote Parker's classmates' names on them, attached the super-cool pencil, and passed them to Parker to affix a heart-shaped sticker on each. Parker and his Valentines were delivered at 8:45AM. Super-mom status restored.

Until...I picked him up and glanced in the "mailbox." Seriously? When do these parents have time to create such elaborate Valentines??? Precious cards, neatly sealed in sucker-adorned envelopes, and filled with little candies. What the heck?!

Parker "read" one to me. "Dear Parker, Thank you for playing with me. I would like you to come over to my house. Love, Nathan."
"Oh wow," I replied, "May I see it?"

In reality, it was a Toy Story Valentine with a picture of Buzz Lightyear and the words: Valentine's Day is on approach. Only Parker's name and Nathan's name were hand-written.

It was then I realized Parker and I had much in common...We were both delusional and making way too much out of these silly Valentine's Day cards!


  1. I'm so like you Jessie! I wish I was like the mom's who do all that. I'm happy my kids are fed and dressed. I'll be more excited when I actually get Carson to school on time next year! I can't wait to see in April!:)

  2. btw, how did you get the music thing on your blog?