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I don't mean to brag or anything, but it just so happens my three year old is able to speak another language. Guess those 2 half days of preschool a week are really paying off...

Yesterday, we had a playdate with Parker's friend, Parker. The boys were running around, having a great time, while Parker's mother, Joni, and I chatted. Suddenly, my Parker raced over to me and asked breathlessly, "Mom! Mom! What does idealuhful mean?"

Me: Ideal-uh-ful?
Parker: Yeah!
Me: Um, I don't know, honey. I've never heard that word before.
Parker: Eye...deal...uh...ful (repeating it to me as if I were slow).

Oh! Idealuhful! Yeah. I got nothing.

Me: I'm sorry, Parker. I don't know.

He pointed frantically over his shoulder. I asked if he was using the word to describe something.

Parker: Yeah! I told Parker the steering wheel was idealuhful.
Me: Did you make up the word?
Parker [slightly annoyed at my ignorance]: Yeah!
Me: Oh, well then it can mean anything you want it to. What does it mean?
Parker [dissmissively]: Oh, I don't know. It's Japanese.

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