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Funny Stuff

Time to record some of the funny things the kids have been doing/saying lately....

Maddie loves to sing. It doesn't bother her that she doesn't know the words to a particular song. In fact, she will sing her own version so many times that when she hears the correct version, she becomes angry, insisting her way is best. Don't know where she gets that....

"Deezus wuvs me, dis I know. For dat Deezus tells me so!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa yo boat, gentwy down the stweet. Mehwuhwee, mehwuhwee, mehwuhwee, mehwuhwee, like a but a dweam!"

Parker has also been pretty amusing lately. Today, as he was strolling through Bass Pro Shop with his dad, they came across some mannequins in camouflage. Glancing at them, Parker informed Aaron, "That would be a good look for you, dad." Walking a few feet more, Parker said, "Do you know what else would be a good look for you? That one!" Apparently Aaron should be a camouflage model.

We have really cracked down on Parker's nighttime routine. He may not come downstairs after he's been put to bed for any reason (that he knows of...of course we would make exceptions for bed-wetting, nightmares, etc.). Ever the strategist, he has developed a new stall tactic. Just as we are shutting the door, he will innocently ask, "Mommy, would you like a little cuddle time?" Seriously?! What would be the correct response to that question? Inevitably, he finagles a few extra minutes of mommy/daddy time. I think that kids is going to make a great lawyer...or used car salesman.

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