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Little Prince

Tonight the kids decided they wanted me to read Olivia to them. It's a book about a spirited young pig who is "very good at wearing people out."

As I was tucking Parker into bed, he asked thoughtfully, "Mom, do I sometimes wear you out?" I tried to smother a giggle and answered truthfully, "Sometimes." After a moment, he informed me, "Well, sometimes you wear me out, too, but I love you anyway."

Giving him a huge squeeze hug, I told him I was so glad God had chosen me to be his mommy. He pulled back and said, "Should we hold hands and twirl, and pretend we are getting married?" Touched (and a little baffled) I replied, "Sure." He climbed out of bed, interlaced his fingers with mine and spun in a circle. "Is this how people get married? When the policeman says, 'It's your turn!' they turn...like this?" He spun again. "Is that how princes do it?"

"That's exactly right," I told him. Then I gathered my little prince in my arms, tucked him into bed again and kissed the top of his sweet head.

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