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Poop in the tub - Part III

I know what you're thinking. Really? Another post about poop in the tub?! That's kind of what I was thinking...Really? Another incident involving poop in the tub?! Only this time, it's not a traditional tub per se.

See, here's how it went down. We came home from a nice, relaxing dinner at Grammy and PawPaw's house. The minute we stepped into the house, it was clear, something was amiss. The house smelled of, well, poo. Immediately, the search began. Given that it was so close to bedtime, it was a very cursory search, and no offensive items were spotted. Shaking our heads, we ushered the kids upstairs and began the night-time rituals of using the potty, brushing teeth, etc. Then Aaron emerged from Maddie's room, where he had been gathering her pajamas, with a smirk and a small, plastic tub from her dollhouse.

There, inside, was the culprit. Disgusting! I couldn't believe it. The entire tub is only about 3" X 6". How on earth did she have the proper aim? Then the thought hit me. Oh no. What if she didn't have the proper aim? What if she had moved it? Ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! I searched her room but could find no further evidence.

The questioning began. Please remember, she is merely 2 1/2, so her answers are brief, sometimes unintelligible, and often a far cry from the truth. From what we could gather, she needed to "go potty" during nap time (but knew that leaving her room could result in the loss of tv privileges later) and so she decided to "use dollhouse potty." Oh, of course. It would never actually fit in the dollhouse toilet. It only stands to reason she should defecate in the tub. Silly me.

We explained to her (for the umpteenth time) that she may indeed leave her room during nap time to utilize a full-sized potty.

Now it's nearly ten, and I am off to sanitize yet another tub. At least this one should take less time and Clorox.

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