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Today was Parker's fourth birthday. It is very late, and I am bone tired. Moments ago I was lying in bed, mentally reviewing the events of the day and all the people we saw. My heart was so filled with joy and gratitude, I felt compelled to write about it immediately.

The weather was beautiful. Clear and sunny. We met at the fire station, where incredibly friendly and accommodating firefighters talked about fire safety, allowed the kids to climb on the truck and to use the jaws of life on empty coke cans.

Then we caravanned to Grammy and PawPaw's house. Their home is always inviting, and their property, beautiful, but today it was spectacular. The huge lawn was freshly mowed, the playground, tilled. The pavilion was spotless. The food was amazing. I can only imagine all the work that went into to making everything "just so." During the party I was struck by how well the various groups of strangers intermingled so effortlessly and how nicely the children played.

Some people would say we are lucky. I know differently. We are blessed. Though he may not realize it at age four, Parker is extremely blessed. Today it was just especially obvious. He has lots of grandparents who bent over backward to give him thoughtful presents, to ensure his great-grandmother could spend time with him today, who helped supervise tons of small children, and who prepared a wonderful party for him. He has doting aunts and uncles who traveled to see him, called him from states away, who played with him, kept a watchful eye on him, and who pitched in and do whatever needed to be done to ensure things went smoothly. He has polite, thoughtful, fun friends who allowed him to have the first piece of cake, to be the first to play with his new toys, to play chase with him, fish with him, and to make his special day one he'll remember for years to come. He has amazing adults in his life who took time out of their busy schedules to attend his party, purchased gifts they knew he'd love, helped clean up, and seemed truly happy to be celebrating with him.

I am so grateful for all of these people. I am so grateful to the One who placed them in our lives. Most of all, today, I am grateful that four years ago, I was allowed to be part of a miracle. My life has never been the same. Thank God!

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