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Clothing Wars

Why are my kids so opposed to clothing? Perhaps a more accurate question would be: Why are they so opposed to wearing clothing appropriately? I really don't understand. I have tried to explain that when worn properly, clothes offer protection from wind, rain, scratchy things, etc. It doesn't seem to matter. Parker will wear clothes during the day, but at night, he insists on being nude. When we have sitters, we make him wear pj's but allow him to forgo the underwear. I guess he overheard us calling it "going commando," because the other day he informed me he was "going komodo" to school. Um, no.

Maddie is a wild card. She vacillates between wearing multiple layers of mismatched clothes, wearing nothing, and refusing to wear bottoms of any sort. The other day I went into the house to make lunch, keeping an ear on the kids through the open window as they played on the swing set. When I exited the house minutes later, Maddie's pants and underwear were MIA. When asked where they were, she grinned and innocently replied, "I don't know." Yeah.

The worst part is that she is completely immodest [and oblivious to others]. We had dinner guests one night, and Maddie (who was previously clothed) bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen sans bottoms. She grinned up at everyone and ran in circles. If you combine her affinity for body art, preference to remain naked, refusal to brush her hair, love of spinning, and complete lack of coordination, she could be mistaken for a drunken, tattooed Tasmanian devil most days.

Oh well, at least I'm getting some great wedding slide show shots.

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