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The only drawback of pregnancy that really gets under my skin is my weakness (or sometimes perceived weakness). There is a book called The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy in which the author describes a plethora of negative side effects of pregnancy...varicose veins, stretch marks, discomfort, etc. I can and have dealt with those types of things, many of which are permanent. Oddly, I am much more troubled by the temporary problems that pregnancy creates.

Lack of stamina, inability to bend at the waist [to weed the garden, for goodness sake!], need to sit frequently, inability to lift heavy objects, being discouraged from climbing ladders, etc. This is the stuff that makes me absolutely crazy! I hate being told that I have physical limitations. I suppose on some level it scares me. I realize that as I age, I will have more and more of them, but right now I am a healthy 30-something year old woman. Don't tell me I can't lift that chair!

Two events have triggered this rant: the gutter cleaning incident and the van leak. Allow me to explain...

There has been a tree growing in our gutter for months. A tree! Granted, it is a small tree, but come on! Our landlords sometimes post notices on their rent deposit box which read: Don't forget to clean out your gutters and change your air filters. I know it's paranoid, but I could swear they are referring to our little tree. It has bothered me for months. My husband is a busy man and does a great job keeping up with other tasks (mowing, bills, etc.). This weekend, I had finally had it. The gutter is on the edge of the garage (less than 10 feet from the ground). Our ladder is fiberglass and very lightweight. I easily maneuvered it outside and set it up (opened all the way, not leaning against the garage) right next to the gutter. I climbed up a few rungs, held onto a rung tight with one arm, and used a gloved hand to scoop out the debris in the gutter. Very simple. Then I made a big mistake...Proud of my accomplishment and eager to try out other, taller gutters on the house, I foolishly made a Facebook post. Unwilling to stand on the top of the ladder with nothing to grab but the house itself, I asked for a taller ladder. Well, needless to say, not everyone agreed with my activities. Due to all the negative (albeit caring) feedback, I simply deleted the post.

The second event occurred today. I realized I can't fix our van alone. Grrrr...
Last summer we discovered a putrid, moldy mess in the back where the seat had been folded down. Assuming it was the result of some wet (now moldy) towels left back there, I used every product known to man to get rid of the stuff. However, months later, the wet and mold had returned. We realized there must be an outside leak, took it in, and had the rear window seal replaced. Everything was fine for a time. Then I found the same mess after a very hard rain. I took it in again and was told that they would need to remove the interior panels to determine where the leak was coming from, as all the seals appeared to be working. That sounded costly. I decided we could save money by removing them ourselves. Heck, we have the ridiculously detailed illustrated repair manual, how hard could it be?

During the kids' nap, I decided to do it myself. Repair manual in hand, I unlocked the van and began taking the first steps. I got to about step 2 in which I was informed that 2 people are required to lift out the backseat. Foiled! You see, if I weren't pregnant, I would not have been deterred by this minor detail. What many deem a 2-person job can easily be turned into a 1-person job with a little ingenuity.

But not when you are pregnant. There are some things my body just won't let me do right now, and let me tell you, it really ticks me off!

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