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Maddie's favorite blanket is covered in strawberries. It's kind of ironic, since she is extremely allergic to strawberries. She calls this beloved blanket, "Shrawberry."

She has loved "Shrawberry" since she was born. I used to rub it softly across her lips to help her fall asleep. Now she does that herself. She can't sleep without it. It is so worn, it has holes in it. She insists on taking it everywhere. It drags the ground, and has to be washed quite frequently (which often requires negotiation/bribery and still results in tears).

Today, I noticed her love of "Shrawberry" has been taken to a new level. She talks to it. Over breakfast, she was asking it if it liked cereal. It was in a heap on the floor (and didn't respond). I was grateful she didn't attempt to feed it, as that would have resulted in yet another washing. At naptime she informed me "Shrawberry" needed the nightlight on. Okay...

I understand talking to a doll or stuff animal, but a blanket? Strange.

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