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Postiv Tension for a Mess-Maker

Parker and Maddie love Jack. They do not necessarily love all the time he spends eating [read: the time mommy is confined to a chair feeding him]. They want attention and will stop at nothing to get it. During one of Jack's naps, I took them outside and played Godzilla with Parker for a long time. After awhile Maddie requested we go inside, so I swept her into my arms for a big squeeze hug and carried her toward the house. As I was holding her, my entire back was doused with water. I turned to see Parker grinning, a water gun [more like a water bazooka] dangling from his hands. Grrrr.

We had a long talk about positive versus negative attention. Parker seemed to grasp the concept and insisted he really wanted "poztiv tension." I agreed to spend 10 minutes of "special time" with him when daddy got home (and could watch the other two). I know, I know...10 minutes sounds like chump change, but not to Parker. He was ecstatic. He couldn't wait.

As soon as dinner was finished, Aaron took Maddie and Jack, and Parker and I headed to the basement playroom for some special time. We simply built structures out of Lincoln Logs. To the casual observer, it might seem like no big deal. However, Parker had my absolute undivided attention, a capitve audience if you will. He loved it. When our 10 minutes was up, I announced "special time" was over and thanked him for playing with me. We could keep playing, but now others were free to speak to me and demand my attention.

Parker smiled up at me and said, "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm going to marry you." Then he paused. "Is that okay?" I chuckled. "That's sweet," I said, "but I would guess that by then, you'll want to marry someone else."

Parker looked a little discouraged and surveyed the mass of Lincoln Logs. "I probably won't make a very good husband...I might still be a big mess-maker."

I laughed out loud. "Oh honey, don't worry! Your daddy's a great husband, and he's still a huge mess-maker!"

"Really?" Parker was practically beaming.
"Oh yeah."

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