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Welcome, Jack

Welcome to the world, little one. These are such precious times...It's hard to put into words all of the things I am feeling and all the things I want to burn into my memory.

The way you cry when you are tired; it sounds like you are singing, "la, la, la." The way you manage to wiggle out of a tight swaddle and wake up cold and crying. The way you suck in just the right side of your bottom lip when you sleep. The tiny crease in your forehead that never seems to go away, as though you are constantly perplexed. The fuzzy little hair on the top of your ears. (Don't worry; it will go away - at least, Maddie's did.) The way you squeak all the time, often so loudly you startle yourself and flail your tiny arms. The way your eyes flutter open and stare at my face when I sing to you. The feel of your soft, squishy cheek next to mine. I could go on and on (and likely will in a later post).

We knew you were coming and were anxiously anticipating your arrival, so it sounds silly to say you were a surprise, but you were. Just 2 days before your arrival, the doctor's examination seemed to indicate you wouldn't be coming anytime soon. I was so disappointed I cried [because I just couldn't wait to meet you]. Then late one evening, I noticed my contractions becoming quite regular. I was so excited I didn't sleep all night. Early the next morning [Thursday], we took Parker and Maddie to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where we dropped them off and picked up Grandma. Grammy and Pappy met us at the hospital. A few short hours and 3 pushes later, and you were finally in my arms. Just like Mary Poppins, you were "practically perfect in every way." 7 pounds, 13 ounces. 21 inches long. Beautiful!

Daddy was able to take a week off of work to spend time getting to know you and to help me care for you and your brother and sister. Today is the last day of that week. I'm not sure how things will go next week. In fact, I'm more than a little nervous at the prospect of being home alone with the three of you. A wise friend instructed me to take it one day at a time. Best advice ever. I don't want to miss or squander a moment.

I love you, Squeak.

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