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Just Jack

Just wanted to write about a few milestones for Jack and some family dynamics...just so I remember.

He went for his 1 month check-up and weighed in at 10lbs 1oz.  He is sleeping 5-6 hours at a stretch at night and on a 2.5 - 3 hour feeding schedule during the day.  He still only cries when he is hungry or tired (very distinct cries; hungry sounds like a snorting little piggy, tired sounds like "la, la, la").  In short, he's a perfect angel.

On Sunday, right after a feeding, he looked up at me and gave me a huge open-mouthed grin.  Since then he has smiled every day.  Today (Thursday 9/8/11), he rolled over from his tummy to his back.  It surprised all of us.  Maddie and Parker had been sitting next to him on the playmat on the livingroom floor.  Once they saw it, they wanted to see it again.  We placed him back on his tummy, and Maddie tried to assist him by grabbing his stomach and rolling him.  (Poor little guy's head would have slammed back and hit the floor had I not caught it.) 

Big brother and big sister love him so much.  They still argue over who gets to take the dirty diapers to the trash.  Maddie "speaks" to him often in a language only they can understand ("goo-goo, ahhh").  Parker rinses his dropped pacifiers and places them in his mouth.  They rock him in his carseat while I get ready to go places.  They gently bounce his little chair and talk to him whenever they get the chance.  They always want to hold him and have their pictures taken with him. 

There were many times I was really worried about having three children.  Would there be enough of me to go around?  Could I possibly love another child as much as I loved Parker and Maddie?  Would he get enough attention?  Would I ever have a moment to myself again?  How on earth would I handle three on an outing by myself?

As I lay on the table for my postpartum exam, feet in the stirrups, Jack in a carseat in the corner, Parker and Maddie sharing a chair next to my head, my questions were answered.  Sometimes there is not enough of me to go around.  Of course I could (and do) love Jack as much as Parker and Maddie.  He is growing and happy and will have just enough attention.  I may get a moment to myself again...in about 18 years.  And finally, I will handle 3 on an outing by myself just fine...perhaps not with as much poise and grace as I would like, but we'll survive.

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