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Several days ago two inmates escaped from a correctional facility in Lexington.  They were last spotted near Louisville.  More specifically, they were very near Grammy and Pawpaw's house (a fairly remote and wooded area).  Grammy called to warn me not to stop by with the kids.

How exciting!  Parker is constantly asking me to tell him stories about bad guys, jail, escapes, arrests, etc.  I couldn't wait to tell him!  I know this probably sounds awful or bizarre to some people.  However, if you really knew Parker, you would realize this real-life story was about the best thing since sliced bread. 

I was able to spin it in such a way that he would realize we were not in any danger.  It was pure excitement.  I finished by saying the police might need some help catching these crooks.

His eyes were as wide as saucers.  A grin played on his lips.  "Oh!  Hold on!" he exclaimed.  He took off like a shot and headed for the basement playroom.  When he emerged, he was a sight!

Shin guards on his legs, a quiver holding an arrow (with no tip), a bow, two flexible wooden train track pieces dangling from his shoulders, and his favorite "flag" socks with stars and stripes [very patriotic].  After I took his picture he added a plastic headset with earphones and a microphone (so he could remain in contact with the police).

He quickly explained that he would shoot the bad guys' tires, rush in, tie up their feet with the train tracks, and call the police for backup.  Good plan.  He insisted we call Grammy and get details.  "What kind of getaway car were they driving?"  After learning it was long and black, we went outside to scope out his hiding spot.  He settled on the screened in porch and set up a plastic tub as a shield.  Then he decided he needed a more thorough command center.  Soon our back porch was littered with rocks, plastic swords, a Thomas the Train pop-up tent, a plastic Jack-o-lantern he named Lancy, and other essentials.  He sat and scanned the traffic [about 1 car every 5 minutes] for over half an hour.  Every few minutes, I would get a status report: "I saw a car, but it wasn't black, Mommy."  "I saw a black car, but it wasn't long."  "I saw a red car." 

We took a break to go to Costco to buy diapers for Jack.  Parker was pretty sure the crooks were inside the store.  He took all of his gear, just in case.  He told anyone who would listen about his important mission.  Then he decided the entire store might just be a trap set for us by the bad guys.  Convinced they were in cahoots with the employees, he eyed the workers suspiciously.  We barely escaped. 

Back at home, the scouting continued.  Parker explained he would really like a medal from the police (if he caught the bad guys).  I pondered aloud that they might already be in custody.  He looked so disappointed. 

"Oh...But Honey, they might just give you a medal anyway."

He glanced up at me, unsure.

"Yeah!  You know, most people aren't nearly as brave as you are.  Most people, if they found out some bad guys were in their neighborhood, well, they would just hide inside and lock their doors.  But not you!  Look how brave you are!  You are out here with all of your weapons and traps trying to catch them!  I bet if the police found out about how you tried to help, they would award you a medal of honor for your bravery."

Parker beamed.  "Can you call them right now and tell them?"

Um..."Well, let's give it some time to make sure they've actually caught the crooks."  I thought about how I could get out of this one.  "Honey, even if the police don't give you a medal, I will give you one.  I know you are really brave."

"Yes I am, Mommy!"

Time to head to the craft store...

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  1. Oh so miss that kid! He would be best pals with my boys!