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Maddie's smile

You know what they say about Helen of Troy...how her face launched a thousand ships?
Well, I know I'm biased, but I believe the same could be said about my daughter.  Her smile lights up my life

And if you think her smile is amazing [if you don't, I don't want to know], you should try one of her hugs.  Soft, surprisingly strong arms around your neck, her face buried in your hair.  Maddie's hugs often end with a kiss.  She doesn't grasp the concept of a kiss on the cheek.  If you attempt that, she'll grab your face with both of her little hands, hold it steady, and plant a tiny kiss on your lips.  What could be sweeter?   

Maddie is her own person.  Opinionated, obstinate, exuberant, flamboyant...  Who knew so much drama could reside in such a little body?  Winning her favor is like winning the lottery...odds are you won't, but if you do, you are on top of the world.  I shake my head just thinking about her.  How I love that little girl!

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