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It has been an exciting time in our house. I have been so inspired by things I have seen on the web that I have tried lots of new activities with the kids.  (So many, in fact, I fear they may begin to expect crafty entertainment on a regular basis.)

Keep in mind that I am very frugal [cheap] and creatively challenged [only capable of stealing and replicating good ideas, not creating them]. I believe the best ideas are fun for both the child and the parent. In order for me to enjoy myself, the activity usually has to be easy to set up, easy to clean up, very engaging [they should be interested for a good 20-30 minutes], and cheap.

Here are some pictures of our recent undertakings:

I LOVE this project. It could not have been easier. I think I found it on Pinterest: Put paint in a bag. Tape it to the window. Let them smear it around. (I also gave them q-tips so they could write letters or draw pictures - another Pinterest idea.)

This was fun for a rainy day.  The kids wanted to play outside.  I wanted to stay in.  This way they could get some energy out and have a neat sensory experience at the same time.  (Idea courtesy of playathomemom3.blogspot.com)  They loved the fact that I let them throw the balloons at each other and splash as much as they wanted!

The water in tub was warm; the water in balloons was cold.
Demolition is always the best part!
Water, water everywhere!
We tried this one today. We made our own Mission Impossible obstacle course out of streamers. What an inexpensive, simple way to have fun and work on motor skills! Parker loved the idea that he was dodging laser beams.  (Idea found on Pinterest.)

Creating the chaos...

Careful now! 

Time to tear it down...almost as much fun as setting it up!

I just hope I can find more activities for the long winter months ahead!

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